Who are we?

We are a company with ethical and moral principles

We develop construction projects as part of the Jiménez Business Group, led by the CONSTRUCTORA JIMÉNEZ company, which has built close to ONE MILLION SQUARE METERS OF CONSTRUCTION (10.7M ft²) on the Colombian Caribbean Coast over the last 36 years.


We were born with the mission of providing well-being and making life easier for each and every one of the people involved in the construction process of our projects, building homes for residential and tourism purposes, for investors who want a second home to enjoy or generate income or for individuals and families looking for a property as a permanent residence.


We are the best ally of our clients regarding their needs, we build tourist and residential homes, seeking the best profitability for shareholders, contractors and suppliers, making daily life easier and ensuring the well-being, stability and growth of our work team.


To be a nationally respected housing construction company for its excellence and for providing all the individuals related to our value chain and community, the best service, in a friendly, practical and responsible manner.

Our Principles


For the environment, for the needs, judgment and worldview of thoughts, based on tolerance, diversity of ideas, opinions, truth, honesty and teamwork.


We are sincerely committed to what we have offered, promised or proposed, being accountable for our obligations positively.


We generate value with efficient resource management, leading to a better capital gain, valuation and profitability for the owners, taking care of each detail in the construction process and the quality of the finishes.


We are loyal, transparent and obedient to the rules. We work with seriousness, justice, rectitude, sincerity and honesty, generating trust among the people who are part of all of our processes as a company.

Our Team

Get to know more of the company that for the last 36 years has developed more than 1.000.000 square meters (10.7M ft²) built in the Caribbean Colombian coast.

Rubén Jiménez

General Manager

July Duarte

Commercial coordinator

Beatriz Gil

Sales executive

Kimberly Varela

Sales executive

Valentina Ruiz

Sales executive

Isabel Blanco

Sales executive

Veronica Simanca

Sales executive

Sofia Villalba

Sales executive

Gloria Cabana

Sales executive

María Ramírez

Sales executive

Our sales executives are ready to accompany you in your real estate investment process.