Learn about the improvement and embellishment plan for Salguero Beach

The District Mayor’s Office of Santa Marta, through the Office for Risk and Climate Change Management (Ogricc), shared the results of soil, hydrological, hydraulic, meteorological, oceanographic and morphological studies, which were developed with the sole purpose of finding a definitive solution to the problem of coastal erosion in Salguero Beach. The presentation of the information collected was presented to the Disaster Risk Reduction Committee, the mayor and the councilors of “Localidad 3”. Turística Perla del Caribe.

The information collected has been transformed into a marine coastal modeling, which will facilitate access to a design and dimensioning of effective solutions, such as the design of rigid, semi-rigid or flexible structures that allow reducing the risk of disasters in the Salguero Beach sector; However, the District government clarified that the studies do not include the execution of works, but they are the first and most important step towards the construction of structural designs.

The marine coastal modeling proposal submitted by the contractor and based on the results of the studies includes two shelter type dams, one located at the mouth of the Gaira River (northwise) and another in the Punta Gloria hill sector (southwise) in addition to a third T-shaped breakwater, which would fulfill the function of dissipating the energy of the waves that enter the beach area, to avoid the transport or natural displacement of the sediment towards the open sea.

Six spurs would be added to this structure, which would also mitigate the impact of the waves and would have the function of confining the sediment in the eroded sector.

For the eventual execution of the work, the contractor suggested a dredging on the seabed in an area of at least 1,400 linear meters that would allow the removed sand to be deposited as a support sediment on the Salguero beach coastline.

The first president of the samarians also insisted that, with this investment, “We will also contribute to the development of eating***


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